What We Do


What is brand?

The simple answer, the way in which you connect emotionally with your customers.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the tangible things you can see, touch, hear, smell, watch and interact with about a specific product or service.

What is branding?

Branding is the disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty.

What we do here at Fresh Fox Design

Our primary focus is to communicate the personality of your company, product, or lifestyle, to create and develop a sustainable lasting awareness of who you are, why it's important for people to know, and tell them why they should care. -And in time, create a loyalty between your brand and your customer. 

We see the value in people. The more people that connect with your brand the more successful your brand will be. We want your brand to become irreplaceable creating lifelong relationships with your customers. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up, a nonprofit or a product, understanding how to focus on what’s important to the people you want to connect with is what brand is all about.


Marketing & Advertising

At first glance, marketing and advertising seem to be different terms to describe the same thing --getting a product or service sold. In actual fact, although they both contribute to the same end objective, they are distinct from each other and each has its own process. Understanding the difference between marketing and advertising will help us streamline your customer acquisition strategy.

What is marketing?

Marketing refers to the process of preparing your product for the marketplace. It involves understanding who your potential customers are and what they want to get from your product or service. Colors, logo and other design elements help to align the image of your product with the interests of your target audience. It is marketing that defines your brand and attracts the market share you want.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the process of making your product known to the marketplace. it is essentially spreading the word about what your company has to offer. While marketing is the way in which you convince potential buyers that you have the right product for them, advertising is how you communicate to them the existence of that product.


  • Culinary Arts & Fine Dining

  • Educational Institutions

  • Fashion & Retail

  • Health & Wellness

  • Music & Film

  • Non Profit

  • Personalities

  • Photography

  • Real Estate & Environmental

  • Religious Institutions and more